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Фамилия: Андреев
Имя: Павел
Отчество: Александрович
Ученая степень: к.ф.-м.н.
Комната: 4-29
Должность: ассистент
Телефон: +7 (495) 939-1090
Email: andreevpa@physics.msu.ru
Научные интересы: Electrodynamics of quantum plasmas. Vortical dynamics and structures. Ultracold boson-fermion mixtures. Bose-Einstein condensation. Superfluidity. Collective dynamics of charge carriers in graphene.
Основные публикации: Andreev P. A., First principles derivation of NLS equation for BEC with cubic and quintic nonlinearities at non zero temperature. Dispersion of linear waves. Int. J. of Mod. Phys. B, Vol. 27, p. 1350017 (25), 2013. Andreev P. A., Kuz’menkov L. S., Waves of magnetic moment and generation of waves by neutron beam in quantum magnetized plasma, Int. J. of Mod. Phys. B, Vol. 26, p. 1250186 (17), 2012. Andreev P. A., Kuz’menkov L. S., Bright-like soliton solution in quasi-one-dimentional BEC in third order by interaction radius, Mod. Phys. Lett. B, Vol. 26, p. 1250152 (14), 2012. Andreev P. A., Quantum hydrodynamics of charge carriers in graphene, PIERS Proceedings, pp. 154-157, August 19-23, Moscow, Russia, 2012. Andreev P. A., Polarization wave in the Bose-Einstein condensate, Russian Physics Journal, Vol. 54, N. 12, pp. 1360-1363, 2012. Andreev P. A., Kuz’menkov L. S., Trukhanova M. I., Quantum hydrodynamics approach to the formation of waves in polarized two-dimension systems of charged and neutral particles, Physical Review B, Vol. 84, p. 245401 (13), 2011. Andreev P. A., Trukhanova M. I., On the bright soliton in the Bose–Einstein condensate (to the third order in the interaction radius), Russian Physics Journal, Vol. 53, N. 11, pp. 1196-1203, 2010. Andreev P. A. and Kuz'menkov L. S., Generation of waves by a neutron beam in a quantum plasma of nonzero spin. An influence of the spin-orbit interaction, PIERS Proceedings, pp. 1047-1051, March 20-23, Marrakesh, MOROCCO, 2011. Andreev P. A., Kuz'menkov L. S., Problem with the single-particle description and the spectra of intrinsic modes of degenerate boson-fermion systems, Phys. Rev. A. Vol. 78, p. 053624 (12), 2008. Andreev P. A., Kuz'menkov L. S., Generation of waves by a neutron beam in a two-component system formed by charged particles of nonzero spin, Physics of Atomic Nuclei, Vol. 71, N. 10, pp. 1724-1729, 2008.