Поиск сотрудников физического факультета

Chair of Physics of Oscillations

Last Name: Rakhubovsky
First Name: Andrey
Patronymic Name: Andreevich
Room: 3-30
Position: Junior Research Fellow
Telephone: +7(495) 939-44-28
Email: rkhb.vs_at_gmail.com
Research Interests: Precision Measurements and quantum mechanics
List of publications:
1.Rakhubovsky A.A. and Vyatchanin S.P., Physics Letters A, Volume 373, Issue 1, p. 13 - 18. `Displacement-noise-free gravitational-wave detection with two Fabry–Perot cavities'
2.A.A. Rakhubovsky, S. Hild, S.P. Vyatchanin, "Stable double-resonance optical spring in laser gravitational-wave detectors", Physical Review D 84, 062002(2011).
3. A.A. Rakhubovsky, S.P. Vyatchanin, "Sensitivity of laser gravitational-wave detectors with stable double-pumped optical spring", Physics Letters A, 376, 1405-1411 (2012).