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Chair of Physics of Oscillations

Last Name: Rzhanov
First Name: Alexey
Patronymic Name: Georgievich
Scientific Degree: PhD
Room: 1-63V
Position: Senior lecturer
Telephone: +7(495)939-46-97
Fax: +7(495)932-88-20
Research Interests: Photonics, optoelectronics. Physics, simulation and modeling of semiconductor lasers and optical amplifiers. Nonlinear refraction in active media. Multi-element phase-locked injection lasers. Powerful semiconductor lasers. Vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers. Metamaterials and films. Polarization control of semiconductor lasers radiation. Optical waveguides - fiber optics. Monochrome photovoltaic converters. Systems of power photon energy transmission via optical fibers.
Scientific biography:
1978 - 1984: student of Moscow State University;
1984 - 1987: postgraduate student chair of physics of oscillations, physical dept. of Moscow State University;
1987 - 1994: junior scientific researcher of Division of electromagnetic processes and atomic nuclei interactions in Institute of nuclear physics of the Moscow State University;
1994 - 2002: researcher at the chair of physics of oscillations, physical dept. of Moscow State University;
2002 - 2003: assistant professor at the chair of physics of oscillations, physical dept. of Moscow State University;
2003 – present time: senior lecturer at the chair of physics of oscillations, physical dept. of Moscow State University.
Main publications:
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«Semiconductor lasers and optical waveguides» - for 5 course students.
«Pulsed signals and non-stationary processes in linear chains» - for 5 course students.
«Distributed oscillatory systems in media and devices of modern electronics» - for the post-graduate students.