Prof. N.N.Sysoev
Dean, Faculty of Physics
Moscow State University

We are happy to greet you, young people who decided to devote themselves to studying the fundamental laws of nature in all their manifestations ranging from tiny particles of the microworld to the infinite depths of megaspace! Lomonosov Moscow State University is the University number one in Russia and one of the leading Universities in the world.

The system of higher education in Physics at our faculty is recognized worldwide. Our graduates who work in science have offers not only from Russian Universities and scientific centers, but also from leading universities and research centers in Europe, USA, Japan, and other countries, where they successfully develop their scientific carreer. Our students are also quite often invited for the graduate studues abroad, even before completing their education at the Faculty of Physics.

At the Faculty of Physics, just as at Lomonosov Moscow State University in general, we have an established true democratic relationship between the students and the teaching staff. Students resolve many problems concerning everyday life themselves through the student's self-government bodies.

I am sure that the years you will spend at the University and Faculty of Physics will be the best memories in your life and hope that after graduation a fascinating work of a research physicist is awaiting for you!