Dear Anna Kochurova,


Your institution is kindly invited to nominate potential participants for the


69th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting dedicated to Physics from 30 June – 5 July 2019.


We expect about 35 Nobel Laureates and up to 600 young scientists to attend.


Important note: Please inform us as soon as possible in case you do not wish to nominate candidates at all, or if we should contact someone else within your institution in this matter: or +49 8382 2773114 (phone).


As an academic partner of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings, your institution is entitled to identify and nominate bright young scientists who meet our selection criteria. Once nominated, they will be instantly admitted to apply for participation. Young scientists in the field of physics as well as young scientists in a strongly related discipline can be nominated. 


Please be aware that a nomination does not necessarily lead to an invitation to participate in the meeting. The organising Council for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings will only select the most talented applicants to participate.


Also note that our website provides your contact information. Therefore, young scientists interested in being nominated for participation might contact your institution directly. Your assistance to them is highly appreciated; please kindly answer their requests.


Please contact the young scientists nominated by you directly in an e-mail informing them about their nomination. In the past the automatic nomination mail often landed in the spam folder and the young scientists were not aware of their nomination.


We will also gladly give a detailed account of the terms, conditions and proceedings in a personal call or by email. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or need assistance. Please also visit our homepage to find more information and watch our academic partner clip to get a better impression how important your work is for the support of the young scientists and how they benefit:




Part of Lindau’s ‘Mission Education’ is to spread the word about the meetings and the people that make them so special. We therefore want to kindly ask all our academic partners and participating young scientists to communicate their nomination/participation with the public. If your institution has a communication’s department or an official, who handles media, please have him or her contact us. We operate a website, blog and Mediatheque, as well as actively work all relevant social media channels. If we combine our efforts, there is very much to gain in terms of public awareness of your institution and our meetings. With your help we will bring together the best scientists from different generations and cultures and let the world know about it!


For any further information on how we can cooperate on communication/media issues, please refer to Gero von der Stein, head of communications, at: or phone him at +49 8382 277 3126.


Kind regards,


Nadine Gärber

Head of Young Scientist Support and Academic Partner Relations

Phone + 49 (0) 8382 27731 14

Fax + 49 (0) 8382 27731 13




General Terms, Conditions and Proceedings of the Nomination Process


In general, young scientists are eligible to be nominated if:


Please refer closely to the complete Selection Criteria 2019 when choosing your nominees. Also note that the review panel will aim for a good gender-balance and a younger group of student participants, and therefore fewer post docs will be admitted than in previous years. Please consider this goal when nominating your candidates.


How to Nominate


The nomination process is web-based. You are asked to create personal profiles for each of your nominees in our database. These profiles should consist of the nominee’s name, email address, institution and (if possible) a recommendation letter. You are not required to provide detailed CVs or academic track record information of the nominees. This database will be accessible starting today at


Please use your credentials (from the previous year) to log in to your profile and then enter the mandatory data for all your nominees (first name, last name and email address):


By clicking the “submit” button, the online profile will be released to the candidate, who is then required to complete his/her profile. Your nominations can be submitted until 6 November 2018.


After this date, the database will no longer be accessible. We kindly ask for your understanding that deadlines cannot be extended and that no nominations can be submitted after the given date.


Now that you have all of the information and the selection criteria, you can begin to identify the candidates you would like to nominate. Please instruct your nominees to provide all records required for the subsequent application process within due time. Once you have nominated your candidates, they will be asked to complete their profiles by 29 November 2018.


By the beginning of March 2019 you and all nominated candidates will be informed about the final decision of our review panel.


Our Agreements Regarding Costs and Allotment


Thank you again for your dedication and commitment and good luck!


Your Lindau Nobel Laureate Team